Why Geotrack?

Leading the Field

Developed AFTA and pioneered its use as a routine tool in oil exploration.
Our Client list includes all major international oil companies.

 Technical Excellence

We offer the most technically advanced interpretation of AFTA data, including full, quantitative account of compositional effects.

 Proven Success

Industry leaders with unmatched global experience, providing thermal history solutions for the hydrocarbon exploration industry. Over 900 studies have been successfully completed in locations including North America, Australasia, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Latin and South America and Europe.

 Breadth of Experience

Specialists in a wide variety of geological settings, including thrust belts, foreland basins, inverted basins, intra-cratonic settings and rifted margins.

 Free Advice

Free pre-analysis consultations define the most appropriate and cost-effective approach. Confidentiality and turnaround time are guaranteed.

 Professional Staff

All work is carried out by our dedicated team of industry professionals and laboratory staff. With five resident thermal history experts, we are the largest group of THR specialists in the world.

 Fully Integrated Approach

Geotrack's approach fully integrates results from AFTA and VR with regional geological information. Our methods are comprehensive and cost-effective, implemented in consultation with the client.

 International Organisation

Offices in Australia, North America, Middle East and UK are strategically located to provide the timely and expert advice demanded by the exploration industry.

 We don't just do AFTA

High-quality vitrinite reflectance and organic petrography, zircon fission track analysis, petrographic analyses, SEM and electron microprobe services.

 Other Geological Consulting Sites

Geotrack has had the pleasure of working with these people over the years.


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