A new service designed for industry
which demands timely service!

including material identification by X-ray analysis

  • Readily available at short notice
  • Very reasonable rates
  • Sit in and direct operator to areas of interest
  • Expert advice
  • magnification 10x to 100,000x semi-quantitative energy dispersive X-ray analysis
      (hard copy and files on disk suitable for spreadsheet applications) hard copy and digital image capture

Scanning electron micrograph of heulandite zeolite in sandstone porespace. Note also, swelling chlorite grain coating clay on which the zeolite has grown.

Scanning electron micrograph of metal shaving contaminant.

Applications for industry:
petroleum exploration, gemology, metallurgy, food, mining, agriculture, insurance

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For more information, contact: Pat Kelly at Geotrack International, Melbourne, Australia.


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