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Oil Exploration - Thermal History Reconstruction Services

Selected Examples of Thermal History Reconstructions for Wells in the North West Australian Basins

Thermal History Studies

Thermal History Reconstruction
How AFTA® and VR can be used to reconstruct thermal histories in sedimentary basins.

Apatite Fission Track Analysis
Technical background on Geotrack's AFTA® technique, sampling strategies etc.

Overview, technical information and case studies.

Zircon Fission Track Analysis
The greater stability of fission tracks in zircon offers information about higher paleotemperatures.

Vitrinite Reflectance
Learn how a combination of organic maturity data with AFTA® provides improved thermal history constraints.

Fluid Inclusion Analysis
Fluids trapped within minerals provide information on the Pressure, Volume and Temperature conditions of precipitation of the mineral.

Technical articles and publications relating to Thermal History Reconstruction and Apatite Fission Track Analysis

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Regional Experience
Geotrack has a vast experience in basins and terrains worldwide.

Utilities for Basin Modelling Studies..

Mineral Exploration

Heavy Mineral Exploration

Diamond Exploration

Materials Analysis

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Mineral Separation

Services to the academic community

Fluid Inclusion Analysis

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