Geotrack International has served the hydrocarbon exploration industry since 1980, pioneering quantitative thermal history reconstruction (THRTM) in basin analysis using its proprietary Apatite Fission Track Analysis (AFTA®) technology.

Geotrack has carried out commercial zircon, sphene and apatite fission track dating since 1982 and has operated as a private company since 1987. AFTA® Apatite Fission Track Analysis is proprietary technology developed by Geotrack for quantitative thermal history reconstruction that is used widely by the oil exploration industry. More that 900 proprietary and non-exclusive reports for all of the worlds major hydrocarbon-exploration companies have incorporated AFTA. Geotrack is not exclusively a hydrocarbon focussed company and during the last 10 years has provided additional services to many gold, diamond, uranium and mineral sands explorers and producers. Our geological, technical and administrative support staff are entirely focussed on meeting deadlines for an unrivalled analytical service in a competitive environment.

Geotrack Directors

Ian Duddy, Paul Green and Kerry Hegarty founded the company in 1987. Paul and Ian are the owners and continue to be fully involved in all the day to day activities including technical report writing. Kerry is no longer associated with Geotrack.

Dr Ian R. Duddy, B.Sc. (HONS), Ph.D - Geology, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Duddy has been instrumental in the development of fission track techniques in hydrocarbon exploration since the late 1970s. In 1987 he co-founded Geotrack International Pty Ltd, an international consulting company specialising in the application of AFTA® to hydrocarbon exploration problems worldwide, and which now has offices in Melbourne, United Kingdom, Middle East and America. His areas of special expertise are: AFTA (apatite fission track analysis); integration of AFTA with organic geochemistry, in particular vitrinite reflectance; basin modelling hydrocarbon generation; as well as sandstone petrography, diagenesis and reservoir quality.
His main research focus is on the application of AFTA to hydrocarbon exploration problems; the development of a philosophy for constrained basin modelling; evaluation of the potential and integration of thermal history technologies.

Dr Duddy is the Director - Operations at Geotrack, a Research Associate of the University of Melbourne and member of PESA, SEPM and GSA. He is the author of numerous articles on AFTA and basin modelling in international scientific journals.

Dr Paul F. Green, B.Sc. (HONS) - Physics, M.Sc. - Applied Radiation Physics, Ph.D., University of Birmingham, UK.

pfg.jpg (11954 bytes)Dr Green co-founded Geotrack International Pty. Ltd. in 1987, having joined the Fission Track Research Group at the University of Melbourne in 1982, bringing with him extensive experience and expertise in the annealing and etching of fission tracks in minerals. In 1973 he gained a B.Sc (Hons.) Physics from the University of Birmingham, and in 1974 he gained a M.Sc Applied Radiation Physics. In 1978 he received his Ph.D from the University of Birmingham, and between 1980-1982 he was a Research Fellow in the Department of Physics, University of Birmingham. From 1982-1988 was a Research Fellow in the Department of Geology, University of Melbourne, focussing on the development of analytical techniques for elucidation of thermal history information from fission tracks in apatites, and their application in a variety of tectonic settings. He maintains an active interest in these topics, with a particular focus on NW Europe and SE Australia.

He is the Director - Technical at Geotrack, and is the author of more than 100 articles in international scientific journals related to AFTA and its application to hydrocarbon exploration. He is a member of PESA, PESGB and AAPG, and has been on the Editorial Board of “Radiation Measurements”, a Pergamon Press Journal, since 1989.

Key Staff

Pat Kelly, is the hands on Operations Manager and has over 25 years experience, including 17 years at the University of Melbourne, with geochemical analytical techniques specialising in Electron Microprobe and Scanning Electron Microscopy and uranium fission track mapping by the Lexan print technique.

Peter Watson, manager of the Mineral Separation and Electron Beam Facilities, has been a Geotrack employee for 14 years and is experienced in all aspects of Geotrack’s services from sample preparation to electron beam analysis.

Rob Mooney handles data analysis, software and web development and all aspects of Geotrack's information and computing needs.

Cecilia Nesci is the administrative officer, handling all reception and secretarial duties. She also QC's and prepares final reports for despatch, and assists with marketing.

Myf Duddy is our accounts receivable / payable personage.

Marilyn Moore and Chris O'Brien are our Fission Track data collection experts with many years experience between them.

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