Materials Analysis Services

Geotrack has been providing a high quality Materials Analysis service using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Electron Microprobe (EMP) for over eight years from its offices and laboratory in West Brunswick. We have over 20 years in X-Ray analysis and offer technical advice on other analytical methods and can subcontract to a network of reliable laboratories.  This service has applications in Steel Analysis, Forensics, Corrosion and Wear Product Identification, Advertising, Quality Control and more.

New SEM Materials Analysis Flyer showing differentiation in structure of MIG welding wire (pdf)

Light Element Analysis - for Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Fluorine.

X-Ray chemical analysis by these methods results in:

  • Quick, efficient and COST EFFECTIVE identification of samples
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Particles as small as 20m can be successfully analysed

Metal shaving contaminant. (150x)

Electron microprobe
for Steel Analysis and Metallurgical Troubleshooting

A fully automated Jeol JXA-5A electron microprobe equipped with 3 WDS spectrometers is used for quantitative analysis. The unit has a computer controlled x-y-z stage system allowing off site analysis position information to be transferred, ensuring minimum machine time charges. Systems can be developed (mostly at no charge to the client) for the quantitative analysis of most materials against a comprehensive suite of international standards for optimum accuracy. Precision can be tailored to client requirements within equipment limits. Our Operations Manager, Pat Kelly has more than 20 years direct experience running, maintaining and using electron beam equipment ensuring a high quality result every time.


Scanning Electron Microscope
for Corrosion and Wear Product Identification, Manufacturing Quality Control or Defect Analysis

Material identification by semi-quantitative X-ray analysis is performed with our Jeol JSM 35 scanning electron microscope equipped with a Kevex EDS system and Canberra S100 multichannel analyser. A typical diagnostic X-ray spectrum can be collected in less than 30 seconds, providing very cost effective identification of minerals, steels and alloys. A WDS spectrometer allows quantitative analysis of a variety of elements if required.

High quality digital images using the Image Slave are standard and can be e-mailed to your office if required. Our SEM equipment can normally be made available on short notice, to suit your immediate requirements.

Fossilised marsupial tooth

Sedimentary rock (enhanced false colour) - BSE/SE composite.


Analyses are performed by Semi-Quantitative (SEM) or Quantitative X-Ray analysis and are enhanced by Digital Imaging of sample.  Results can be available by e-mail as soon as the analysis is complete.


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