Tyumen Super Deep Well SG-6
West Siberian Basin

Comprehensive geological analysis including assessment of
thermal, structural and hydrocarbon generation history


A unique study of this key reference well based on new analyses of an extensive set of whole core and cuttings samples over a 7500m interval through the Tertiary to Triassic section. All samples are held in-house by Geotrack International.

Geotrack International
in association with
The Nedra Enterprise

Geotrack’s non-exclusive study of the Tyumen Superdeep well SG-6 consists of 6 separate volumes. Volumes 1 to 6 are available separately or in combination. For details of prices etc, please contact Paul Green or Ian Duddy. Significant discounts are available for purchase of multiple volumes.

Volume 1: AFTA-based Thermal History Reconstruction Report

  1. New AFTA analyses in fourteen samples, plus ZFTA and zircon (U-Th)/He dating in two additional samples.
  2. New VR analyses in 29 samples, plus Russian VR data and equivalent VR values from Rock-Eval Tmax data.
  3. Estimation of maximum and peak paleotemperatures from AFTA, ZFTA, zircon (U-Th)/He dating and VR/VReq.
  4. Identification of the timing of paleo-thermal events from AFTA, ZFTA and zircon (U-Th)/He dating .
  5. Assessment of the time at which the observed maturity was achieved .
  6. Calculation of paleogeothermal gradients at the time of each identified event.
  7. Assessment of the mechanisms of heating and cooling in relation to each identified event – e.g. paleoburial, higher heat flow, passage of hot fluids.
  8. Calculation of the amount of paleo-burial in each episode.
  9. Construction of constrained 1-D basin models based on the thermal history reconstruction.
  10. An assessment of the implications of the results for the timing and magnitude of hydrocarbon generation and the petroleum system(s).

Volume 2: An analysis of Source Rock Type, Maturation Levels and Hydrocarbon occurrence based on organic petrography.
Prepared by Professor Alan Cook (Keiraville Konsultants)

  1. Detailed organic maceral descriptions on 29 samples.
  2. Quantitative estimates of the VR level using whole sample petrography.
  3. Quantitative estimates of the reflectance of other macerals such as inertinite and bitumen where appropriate.
  4. Maceral fluorescence observations.
  5. Photography of key organic components.
  6. Comprehensive Report on source rock quality and type.

Volume 3: Source Rock Geochemistry
Prepared in association with Dr James Preston (Exploration Geochem Consulting Pty Ltd)

Initial screening of 30 samples based on:

  1. Total organic carbon
  2. Rock-Eval Pyrolysis

After these screening procedures, three suitable samples were selected for:

  1. Liquid chromatography
  2. Pyrolysis GC
  3. Saturate fraction GC-MS
  4. Branched/cyclic GC-MS
  5. Aromatic fraction GC-MS

The volume comprises a comprehensive interpretative report plus an Appendix containing all data in the form of Tables and figures. Hard and electronic copies together with Figures in MS Powerpoint are included. Additional detailed geochemical analyses can be quoted on request.

Volume 4: Palynological and Visual Kerogen Study
Prepared in association with Dr Alan D. Partridge (Biostrata Pty Ltd)

  1. 30 core and cuttings samples prepared specifically for palynological analysis.
  2. Particulate organic matter (kerogen) analysis of Thermal Alteration Index (TAI) and visual estimates of percentages of organic matter types.
  3. Palynological age and environmental determinations.
  4. Species lists and/or range charts for assemblages with colour images of key and dominant species in assemblages.

Volume 5: Petrology / Thin section analysis

  1. Petrographic descriptions based on 24 blue dyed epoxy impregnated polished thin sections (10 core samples, 14 cuttings) of representative samples from the full stratigraphic column - Oligocene to Triassic – including Triassic basalt intersected near TD.
  2. Scanning electron microscopy identifying key diagenetic phases with semi-quantitative X-ray analyses and determination of normative mineralogy.
  3. A comprehensive atlas of digital optical and SEM images is provided.
  4. Includes an assessment of the variation in detrital and diagenetic mineralogy through the entire sequence.

Volume 6: Russian data Compilation

Compilation of Russian reservoir poroperm data, source rock geochemistry, wireline logs (including .LAS files) and geological stratigraphic and lithological information for the Tyumen Super Deep Well. Also includes a selection of recent Russian papers on the tectonic development of the West Siberian Basin and the hydrocarbon generation history.

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