Reconstruction of thermal, structural and source rock maturation histories:
A non-exclusive study initiated by
Geotrack International Pty Ltd


The proposed study incorporates new AFTA® and vitrinite reflectance results to provide a constrained thermal history framework for understanding the structural, source rock maturation and hydrocarbon generation histories of the Great Australian Bight Basin, including the Duntroon Basin and Polda Trough.
New AFTA and VR data and interpretations will be provided non-exclusively to each participating company from a total of 11 exploration wells. Data from the Apollo-1, Columbia-1, Echidna-1, Greenly-1, Mercury-1 and Potoroo-1 will be collected specifically for this new regional study. Results and interpretations for the Jerboa-1, Borda-1, Duntroon-1, Platypus-1 and Vivonne-1 wells carried out by Geotrack in previous studies will be fully integrated with the new results.

The study will specifically address key risks to exploration in this area:
• Timing of cessation of active hydrocarbon generation
• Timing of major episodes of uplift and erosion
• Magnitude of paleo-heat flow
• Regional variation of maturation levels of the Early Cretaceous section

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