Mineral Separation Facilities at Geotrack

Geotrack Head Office and Laboratories.
Situated at
37 Melville Rd, West Brunswick, Victoria 3055, Australia

Reception area

Part of mineral separation laboratory built to AS2982. TBE (SG. 2.95) and
Methylene Iodide (SG. 3.32) separation.

Paramagnetic minerals (eg. sphene) and composites are removed
from the heavy (SG. > 2.95) concentrate with a horizontal Frantz Isodynamic separator.

Methylene Iodide separations in progress. Heavy fraction SG. 3.32 (Zircon)

Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with Energy Dispersive X-Ray
detector for mineral identification and digital image capture for fast,
convienient photography.


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