The Northern Irish Sea study area covers the southern parts of UK Quadrants 112 and 113 the Isle of Man and its territorial waters. The Carboniferous in this region contains proven oil and gas source intervals but the absence of rocks younger than Triassic over most of the region has meant that their burial and uplift, and hence hydrocarbon maturation and generation history is poorly understood. Application of AFTA and VR data has allowed a complex thermal history to be unravelled, including the identification of several episodes of heating in the Tertiary, Mesozoic and earlier periods of the basin history. These data are critical to the understanding of maturation and the timing of episodes of hydrocarbon generation relative to structural development.

The study is based on about 30 new AFTA and 30 new VR analyses from:

Offshore wells 112/25-1 and 112/30-1

Five offshore shallow boreholes

Four onshore stratigraphic test boreholes

Three onshore coal exploration boreholes

Outcrop samples

in combination with AFTA and VR data interpretation from adjacent areas.

Geotrack's unique thermal history reconstruction methods, based on integrated AFTA and VR data, are applied to provide rigorous constraints for basin modelling and assessment of prospectivity. The comprehensive report includes:

Timing of uplift and erosion

Regional assessment of hydrocarbon generation history

Maximum paleotemperatures and their timing

Constraints on paleogeothermal gradients

Dominant thermal episodes relevant to prospectivity

Data and full interpretation report available now.

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