Geoff Laslett

All of us at Geotrack were deeply saddened at the death of Geoff Laslett from cancer in January 2010. Geoff made a fundamental contribution to fission track analysis, particularly in the 1980s in collaboration with the Fission Track Research Group at the University of Melbourne, when many of the basic concepts that are now in use by fission track groups around the world were developed. Since those early years, Geoff’s brilliant problem-solving abilities and programming skills were essential in the development of the software that we now routinely use here at Geotrack to extract thermal history solutions from AFTA data. While primarily a mathematician, Geoff possessed a deep appreciation of the scientific method, and always insisted that assumptions should be verified, and predictions should be testable. We hope that some his attitude has rubbed off on us along the way. We all miss Geoff not only as a colleague, but also as a mate, whose company everyone enjoyed and whose wit and amazing knowledge of so many subjects would always enliven any conversation. It is unlikely that we will enjoy the opportunity to work with anyone of Geoff’s abilities in the future, and not only the fission track community but many others are the worse for his passing. Our deepest sympathies go to Kay, Katia and Mikki.

Seventh Petroleum Geology Confrence

Paul Green will be attending the Seventh Petroleum Geology Conference: From Mature Basins to New Frontiers; in London from the 30th of March to 2nd of April, where he will be giving a presentation in the Arctic session entitled - Synchronous exhumation events around the Arctic including examples from the Barents Sea, NW Canada and Alaska North Slope.

Paul will be visiting clients in London after the meeting. Contact us for times if you are interested in seeing him.

PESA Distinguished Lecturer

Throughout October and November Ian Duddy presented a series of PESA lunchtime lectures and short courses in all states of Australia and Canberra, covering reconstruction of thermal histories in sedimentary basins to provide rigorously calibrated basin models, with examples of local relevance.


Geotrack, in association with FGUP NPC Nedra, Jaroslavl, have recently completed a six volume study of the Tyumen Superdeep SG-6 well in West Siberia. The volumes are available for individual purchase or as a complete set.

Volume 1: AFTA - THR study
Volume 2: VR Maturity study
Volume 3: Geochemistry
Volume 4: Palynology
Volume 5: Petrography
Volume 6: Russian data compilation

For more information on this study or other Russian wells, contact Paul Green or Ian Duddy.


Geotrack now offers their expertise in mineral separation to the wider industry, with provision of Apatite and/or Zircon Mineral Separates by heavy liquids and magnetic separation. With our timely service you need no longer worry about inexperienced staff or safety issues. Let us provide your Apatite and Zircon fractions at very competitive rates. more...

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