GEOTRACK-GEMS Ltda South American Alliance

We are pleased to announce Geotrack has formed an alliance with GEMS Ltda of Bogota, Colombia to represent Geotrack’s Thermal History Reconstruction technologies throughout Central and South America. The agreement follows a meeting in Buenos Aries in October 2005 bewteen Dr. Ian R. Duddy of Geotrack and Mr. Pedro Parra of GEMS and takes effect from December 1 2005.

As well as acting as a focus for South American-based exploration companies to access Geotrack’s technologies, we are planning to carry out joint, non-exclusive Thermal History Reconstruction studies incorprorating AFTA, vitrinite reflectance, fluid inclusion and organic geochemistry throughout the continent.

GEMS has offices in Bogota and Bara Colombia and Quito Ecuador and has extensive experience in applying organic geochemistry, so if you have any requirements for supporting your South American exploration programs with “state of the art” techniques contact either Geotrack or GEMS and we will be pleased to assist you.

Pedro Parra has 12 years of experience in the petroleum industry, with 8 years as General Manager of GEMS, consulting in organic geochemistry.

Paulina Gómez is an Industrial Chemist with close to 13 years of experience in geochemistry analysis for the petroleum industry.

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